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At our writing studio, we offer comprehensive book writing coaching and ghostwriting services to bring your literary vision to life. Our book writing coaching is tailored to aspiring authors seeking guidance and support throughout the writing process. Whether you're struggling to flesh out your ideas or looking for constructive feedback on your manuscript, we are here to provide personalized assistance.

Additionally, our ghostwriting services cater to individuals who have a compelling story to tell but lack the time or expertise to pen it themselves. We will work closely with you to capture your voice and transform your concept into a captivating book. With our dedication to excellence and passion for storytelling, we're committed to helping you achieve your publishing goals.


Book Writing & Coaching
Packages (4, 8 or 12 weeks)  Starting at: $1,200

One-on-One Customized Coaching 
$75 per hour

This package includes:

  • Initial one-hour Breakthrough Session via ZOOM or in person  to get to know each other, discuss goals and writing dreams aspirations, and receive guidance on setting writing goals

  • Customized outline development to help you stay on track with your writing

  • Up to 3 rounds of online feedback, per three chapters, including suggestions for improvement, as well as praise and polish points

  • Expansion writing, including developing a specific topic within the book by adding more detailed information, examples, and insights to provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the subject matter

  • One hour ZOOM or in-person meetings (number based on package) after each submissions to discuss chapter content, receive feedback and suggestions and brainstorm ideas for future chapters

  • Re-writing, revising and refining a section of the book to improve clarity, coherence, and overall impact, ensuring that the message is effectively communicated to the readers

  • One final ZOOM or in-person meeting to answer any last-minute questions and receive parting guidance and suggested next steps

  • Recordings of all ZOOM sessions

  • Free Book Proposal Template

  • Free Book Marketing Plan

  • Free Goal Setting forms and resources

  • Lifetime access to private notes and feedback

  • Does NOT include final editing and formatting

Other Manuscript Writing & Editing Services:

$125 per hour

Extensive Editing (For Completed Manuscripts)
$50 per hour or $600 up to 200 Pages

Book Formatting
$150 up to 200 pages
Included w/ Extensive Editing

Editing, Proofreading & Review
($65 an hour)

Our basic proofreading services are designed to elevate the quality of your proposals, chapters, or manuscripts with meticulous attention to detail. Here's what you can expect from our basic proofreading package:

  • Grammar and Spelling: We will meticulously review your document to correct any grammatical errors and misspellings, ensuring that your writing is polished and professional.

  • Punctuation and Syntax: Our team will carefully examine the punctuation and syntax in your text, ensuring that the flow and structure of your writing are flawless.

  • Consistency and Clarity: We'll work to maintain consistency in style, tone, and formatting throughout your document, as well as identifying areas where clarity can be improved.

  • Basic Formatting: While not a comprehensive formatting service, we will ensure that basic formatting elements such as headings, font styles, and spacing are consistent and appropriate.

With our basic proofreading services, you can be confident that your written work will be refined to a high standard, ready to make a positive impression on your readers.

Basic Copywriting 
($80 an hour)

Our basic copywriting services are designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your proposals, chapters, and manuscripts. Here's what our basic copywriting package includes:

  • Clarity and Coherence: We refine your writing to ensure clarity, coherence, and a consistent flow throughout the document, making your message easy to understand.

  • Tone and Voice Alignment: We work to align the tone and voice of the writing with the intended audience and purpose, ensuring that the content resonates effectively.

  • Engaging Introductions and Conclusions: Our team crafts compelling introductions and conclusions that captivate readers and leave a lasting impact.

  • Key Message Highlighting: We identify and emphasize the key messages or themes within your content to ensure they are effectively communicated to the reader.

  • Basic Editing for Style and Structure: While not a comprehensive editing service, we provide basic editing to improve the overall style and structure of your writing.

With our basic copywriting services, your proposals, chapters, and manuscripts will be refined to effectively convey your message and engage your audience, setting the stage for success.

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