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So you've landed here to see if we have what it takes to help you launch your new business venture, communicate your message, fill in those blank pages on your website, tell your story, help you work through a crisis or implement a new communication plan. We get it, your business is your baby and you want to work with someone you trust, someone who will deliver.  

Our History

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In 2009, It's Only Write Communications was founded. Just 11 years later, with the same mission, It's Only Write Communications became Erika Dawkins Communications (DBA). 

Erika Dawkins Communications is an integrated communications consultancy that believes in creating dynamic stories that connect organizations to their audiences.


Since 2009, we have consistently helped organizations of all sizes, develop their marketing, public relations, content marketing, brand communications, corporate communications and digital media. Our goal is to ensure organizations understand the importance of having effective communication strategies and work with them to create one specifically tailored to their goals. 

We love helping brands turn ambitions into reality. As an independent, creative communications consultancy, we help organizations across different industries understand who their audiences are, and how and where they can be reached via cross-channel communication solutions. We also help develop messaging that speak directly to those audiences.

Our Founder

Our founder, Erika R. Dawkins, is a forward-thinking communications specialist who is passionate about helping others grow their businesses through effective communication. With over 15 years of experience, she assists organizations with bridging the gap between their product or service, and their customer by establishing a clear message and making an impact. Erika travels the country speaking and training others on communication and digital media trends, leaving them with the tools to effectively develop and manage their communications. 

She does not believe in a one size fits all communication strategy!

As founder and president of Erika Dawkins Communications, Erika's goal is to provide the perfect solution to a business's communication needs. 

Erika has a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and a master's degree in Media Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, and many digital and content marketing certifications.

​​Erika has a passion for education, so when she isn't working diligently on strategy, she spends her time in the classroom, passing her knowledge on to the next generation of communicators, as a Professor of Communications. ​​

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